Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Casanova

The word casanova for most "James Bond" fans stands for someone for whom it is just about an hour from the roulette table to getting laid. However bring it to the Indian context and roulette table it self is not available and getting laid is not something that is not so much in fashion for the general lot. Thus the term takes a new definition. Someone who spends most of his time either chasing or being in company of females, with the hope that some day he would be able to forgo his virginity. Some succeed others have to wait till marriage.

Now given this "Indian" context of Casanova, I have to say that I had a roommate who fits the bill perfectly. I had known this cool dude for almost 5 yrs before he actually became my room mate. We had been together in engineering college too. So his personality was no surprise to me. Soon after he became my roommate I started counting the numbers.. No I am not talking about the expenses or electricity bills. I am not talking phone numbers either. I was simply trying to keep a track of the number of girls he mentioned to me. Soon I figured there was no point of counting. There was one for pretty much every big suburb of Pune and some suburbs of Mumbai. A lot of them had names which ended with "ali". So every time he came home late I would say "aaz kon ali?" (Who came today - ali also means "came" in marathi).

My question was usually returned with the response which said "There is a female ... blah blah (that's what his stories would sound to me) ... I think I am in love" Then I would remind him of a dialogue from dil chahta hai "Aaj Pooja to kal koi Dooja" ... Within a month or so there was usually the dooja and thus a new story all together. For me and my other roommates these stories were nothing but free entertainment.. (God spare me for enjoying at the expense of my friend's sensitive stories). I guess "Casanova" knew what Iwas upto. He however kept me interested by promising to introduce me to a friend of one of the girls he was chasing. He would even ask me to clean up the house saying that somebody would be coming there. I did fall for it a few times (I dusted the floor once) but mostly nobody ever turned up. At best my friend would come back and tell us another sensitive story about the problem in life of one of his "aalis".

Soon I figured out that Casanova was not really a casanova in the true sense of the word. He was just trying to be one, but at heart he was really a great friend to his "aalis". He was someone to whom they could talk out their heart to. I guess some of them even loved him. But unfortunately to his dismay it was more the brotherly love rather than the boy friendly, that he wanted. Frankly only he can tell for sure what it was. However I like my version of this, cause again that's how his stories were a source of entertainment for rest of us. I could almost bet, that given him, he would perhaps end up in a relationship that was arranged by his parents. But my bet would have to wait a long time to see the result for he never stuck to one female for a significant time.

However outside of his Casanova aspirations, he has been a great friend. He has always been helpful and always has the intent to help even if the situation meant that he cannot really help. He is one of the men who actually listen. I guess that's why all those aalis could talk their hearts to him. Unlike most men he actually listens and empathises with others. Now that's a quality which is hard to find. He has been a great friend over the years and hopefully continues to be after reading this blog too.

As I decide to bring the curtains to this casanova story, I cannot go without having talked about the bet which I never placed. If I did I would have won. Ultimately his parents did arrange for a homely girl for him and those to hit off very well. Soon the wedding bells rang and they are now happily married. So much, for the years of trying to be the casanova.. I guess that's what the happy begining to his next phase in life was meant to be. I hope that his wife doesn't read this post cause if she does, he is sure going to have a lot of explaining to do ... maybe sleep on the couch for a few days ....


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  2. Well, I had a similar room mate in hostel days & he is still a "Casanova" waiting to get married ;)

  3. I know one casanova who is recently engaged and came back to mumbai :)

  4. I know the casanova you are talking about.
    here is the link about him ..
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