Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Versatile Vicious ?

Years ago in my early days as a computer games enthusiast - I picked a gamer nickname (*) Vishius that was spelled like my own name and pronounced like the English word vicious. It sounded perfect for multiplayer games (although my awful performance online gaming  would have perhaps deserved the nickname chicken).

Later I started to blog about interesting thing about my life and experiences and thus was born this blog (*). Here I tried to live up to the meaning of my gamer nickname by posting stories about people I knew. I suspect though, that I haven't really succeeded at being vicious, cause surprisingly  my fan (yippie! I have fans) base increased (mostly by me forwarding blog links to friends at every possible opportunity). My gamer tag continues as my pen name Vishius (*).

Years later now I am led to believe by fellow blogger A.M (was she freaking nuts!!!) that I have expanded my armory of topics by nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. I did some introspection (i.e. if you choose believe me) and yes indeed it appears to be true. So thank you A.M (1). I am however not sure if I can accept it. Mostly because I don't think I can fulfill the 3 rules listed below.

If you choose to accept this award, these are the 3 simple rules to follow:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and link back to their blog.
2. Nominate 15 Bloggers for this award, and notify them about the nomination.
3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.

Having already thanked A.M to fulfill rule number (1)  now on to number (3). ... Wait I already started that (see the * sign planted at various points in this post). So here are the remaining 4 things
(*) I love trekking.
(*) I am discovering the world and photography through my travels.
(*) I am a self proclaimed computer nerd (you already know that if you read Nerdvana)
(*) In a complete antithesis to my hobbies I am a sloth (lazy trekker - go figure that)

Phew ... that took a lot of energy and I am tired.... time to go to sleep.
Wait my readers can count and I haven't tagged 15  bloggers (2) to pass on this chain of blogging aka Versatile Blogger Award.
This reminds me of those spam mailers about forwarding the mail to all friend or face bad luck ... Nevertheless here goes the list (I am going to be choosy with who is tagged so the possibility of spam blogging is nullified)

  1. http://aditimitra.wordpress.com/ - Technically I am just circling around by nominating the very person who nominated me. But the rules don't say anything against that and I would have nominated this particular blog anyways. (psst... A.M. I personally think you deserve the nomination more due to this blog)
  2. http://ode-to-the-heart.blogspot.in/ - Damn .. A.M already tagged him. But a very wide choice of poems, songs, etc lying there. So worth tagging him again.
  3. http://3-rd-dimension.blogspot.in/ Technically tagging same blogger again (again no rule against that). The choice of topics and photos to go with those makes this one worth the nomination.
  4. http://dirtscapes.blogspot.in/ - Has ability to inject humour in almost any topic he writes about. Hope to get him out of his slumber to write again.
  5. http://kavisionz.wordpress.com - Unique combination of poetry and pictures to go with it. I don't necessarily understand the poetry, but the the pictures are beautiful and the topics are interesting.
  6. http://atreyarocks.blogspot.in/ - A natural story teller. His blogs can be lengthy but mostly worth the read.
  7. http://spinningawheel.blogspot.in/ - Short blogs (perhaps he should be tweeting). I do not always get them. However there is always a thought provoking one that comes by and again the range of topics of is great.
  8. http://www.whatay.com/ - Think we have the celebrity in the list.  This blogger has a significant fan following (gauging by the number of comments) and like dirtscapes can effortlessly inject humour into writings.
  9. http://afteradayswork.blogspot.in - World from the point of view of a software professional. 

That is all ... I could only come up with 9 blogs that I want to nominate. There are a bunch of other blogs that I do follow but then they aren't quite versatile yet or don't post often enough. Also I am sure I'll come across more blogs in future .. so leaving this section as a work in progress.

As I sign off I ask myself if my blog posts have been versatile enough and hence the title.

Keep Blogging

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