Sunday, December 11, 2005


This guy reminded of one of my all time favorite movies - "Anand". The protagonist of the movie - Anand aptly enacted by Rajesh Khanna, had a jovial outlook to life.The character Anand is a man with a mission in life to spread happiness and cheer to everyone.. even if he himself is destined to live only a few months more having contracted Cancer. Of course unlike the movie my friend here is quite hale and healthy but he definitely seemed to have the same mission in life.

A joke for every occasion and smile even when he may have a sadness buried inside him.
As they say it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. This guy certainly had it in him to try and smile all the time.
I remember the one time when we had to check him into a hospital due to a certain fever(pardon my lack of knowledge of medical terms) for about a week. He had grown weak due to the fever and could talk with a lot of difficulty. Me and my other roomates were visibly worried and the cheer on our faces was gone. However our "Anand" always had a point to talk about. He said he needs to get better soon. After all he certainly needs to look good for the next time when his new female friend (an female intern at the hospital) drops in to check his blood pressure. The moment he talked about meeting her we had a smile back on our faces. Of course he did not have much energy left after that comment but he certainly had us thinking that it wouldn't take him long to get of that cot.

Although a lot of jokes are branded as PJs (poor jokes) and he talks a lot about anything and everything ... he is one person who you cannot help but like.
Over the years he has turned into one of my best friends. I have shared a lot of good times and bad times with him and know him not just for his jokes. However I'll always remember him for his simple outlook to life - laugh and let laugh.

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