Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Chef

I met first met this guy in Pune, India. We worked in opposite cubicles and so his desk was one of my break time hangouts. We discovered a common interest in Tandoori chicken very soon although we never ate chicken together..
A few months later we became roommates in Richmond, VA... USA .. and guess what was the first thing that interested this enemy of the Hen - The Kitchen .. His suggestion "lets cook chicken ."
Within a week we were cooking chicken in our kitchen. I was not much of a cook myself nor were my other roomates then. But that did not hamper this guy's dreams to consume the chicken. Like a pro he entered the kitchen with the apron and a knife. He was very particular about the ingredients , how the chicken legs were to be sliced or for that matter how much of yougurt and chili to prepare the marinade. Always wanted the tomato puree for the gravy even if it meant rushing to Kroger at 9.30 pm.

The first time it was beyond 11:00 pm on the friday night by the time the chicken was ready .. but the taste was so good that I couldn't remember eating better chicken in anywhere else. So the first time it was chicken masala .. then butter chicken. Soon we led by our one and only Chef we had conquered Tandoori chicken ... Friday nights became better known as "Friday Night Chicken".. with chicken, appetizers, chips, orange juice and of course who can forget the drinks.

Over a period of time I got to know this guy and his all round prowess .. be it work, sports, home(I mean kitchen) or whatever he chose to do. One thing about him is evident and that is a passion with which he does every thing he undertakes .. It is one quality that I aspire to pick up in my life.

As I write this blog he is on his way to an MS in computer science. However I'll always remember him as the "The Chef" ... The guy who proved that good tandoori chicken does not have to come from the earthen ovens back in India .. A good chef can utilize even an electric oven to get the same effect.. I am sure he is not looking for a career in the catering industry but I look forward to having another opportunity to eat what he cooks .

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  1. Man .. you write very well. Awesome. It brings back a lot of sweet memories ( Or you may call it tasty memories ) . Aaj kal to 1133 and 1138 main chicken kharidaa hi nahi jaata.

    Well I guess life moves on .. things change ... people change ... but what you are dong vishal will make those days immortal .. on the internet. You have inspired me to hit the key board.

    Keep blogging !!